How to wear a prom dresses correctly.

For a special night, you need to look unique. Your prom party means the culmination of your school days. Beautiful moments that you achieved with your second family should close fabulously, and depends mostly on how you feel in the evening. Your only task should be to have a good time, and one way is to have everything ready in advance, makeup, shoes, accessories, and most important your prom dresses. For this final item, Jovani has prepared an exclusive and dedicated collection for your prom party.

Dressing up for that night should be a fun experience, because you will keep the memories of everything you did to get a perfect look, especially the dress. Therefore, here are some tips to follow:


Before thinking about how you comb your hair or the makeup style, you will use. The principal element, and around which the other components will rotate, is the prom dress. Although this event keeps a particular way of dressing, you can always look elegant and beautiful at the same time. Your fashion sense should prevail that your personality is reflected at all times. The ideal dress is the one that enhances your beauty and reaffirms your way of being.

The shoes

With the chosen dress, now is the time for accessories. Well, the shoes you will wear that night are part of your accessories. Wearing high heels will stylize your figure. But they have to be comfortable enough for you to walk and, above all, to dance all night long. If you choose flat shoes, there is no problem, but make sure they are really elegant.

The jewelry

A little shine does not hurt anyone. This is the best way to get attention without overwhelming the view. Transform your prom dress with this accessory, turn a beautiful outfit into fabulous. But do not take away the protagonist’s main role, which is your dress.

The simple, but elegant jewels are the best for this occasion. Do not look for color, sober jewelry such as cubic zirconia or pearls are your best choice. With a pair of jewels the look will be complete, do not abuse when using it. Less is always more.

But never forget to highlight your personality and your way of being, that the jewels only serve as a complement to the look. Do not become extravagant.


At this point, most girls often make mistakes, however imperceptible they may seem. If you want to carry your cell phone, cosmetics, or other necessary things, a handbag is your best option. Contrary to the purses that go to the shoulder, that one wastes elegance and neatness, and even more if you use one that combines with the pain and design of your dress.


It depends on you if you wear a coat or a bolero. Usually, it is not necessary, because these evenings are usually done during or the beginning of warm climates. Even if it happens to be cold, after some dances and a lot of fun time you will not be cold at all. But if you still want to bring a coat, try to use small layers or elegant jackets, ones that they are excellent and contribute to your look. If it is a thin material like gauze, they are the best, since they are elegant and functional.


The delivery of the corsage is a tradition that still lasts. Your prom partner is responsible for getting one for you, try to let him know about the color of the dress you are going to use. This ornament should match your outfit, but it should not be the exact color. Although he must be the one who worries about that, it is not too much that you give him suggestions of your tastes and specifications to avoid inconveniences at the time of the party. Help him choose the right one, as it will end up being a complement to your look.

Finally do not worry much about the ideal attire. What should matter most to you is to feel like when it comes to using a new look, that your personality reigns. The dress should be an extension of your skin; it is the perfect excuse for you to show yourself as you really are.